The name "Kerekes" reflects a special Hungarian dance originating from the Gyimes region in Eastern-Transylvania. The dancers move forming circles, repeating this same basic choreography, but all add their own individual steps, resulting in a complex yet harmonic dance. 

The Pilisborosjenő Kerekes Folk Dance Group was founded in September 2000, beginning as a childrens group in the local Culture House.
Since the inception of the group, the number of our members has jumped from 24 to 130. Presently we have five age groups from kindergarten through to adults.
Our main goal is to learn and share as much as possible with respect to the unique Carpathian regions folk dance traditions, e.g. the energetic lads dance "legényes ",  the circle dance of the girls, the beautiful Transylvanian pair dances, just  to name a few of our repertoire. We enjoy sharing our knowledge with the audience during the performances, always attempting our best.
Together with the attention we pay to the authenticity of our dances, we take the same effort towards our dance costumes to reflect the regional origins of each dance.  The fun  atmosphere of our shows is guaranteed by live folk music, featuring our regular band: the Dunazug Band.
 Hungarian folk dance , no doubt how beautiful it is from the point of view as a spectator, has even more to offer. It is an engaging spare time activity. We organise dance evenings every month, where we welcome all people (young and old) to share a wonderful community feeling.
For several years we have operated our annual summer folk camp, where children can learn new dances, play traditional games and try interesting handicrafts techniques.
Apart from local events, we regularly perform at festivals and folk programs in neighbouring villages and towns. 
Kerekes Folk Dance Group is a member of the Central-Hungarian Folklore Association.
If you would like to meet us, please see our contact details below.
Head of the Group:  Csaba Jávor
postal address: 2097 Pilisborosjenő, Fő út 16. Hungary